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Chef Lionel Flores Jr.

I was born in a small South-Texas town called Robstown, Tx.  My family is full of entertainers and raised with the concept of Southern Hospitality engraved in my head. My father is a great chef, and my mom has enough charisma to fill any room. When I was 16 years, I started working at an Italian restaurant owned and operated by Italians, and this went on until I was 21 years old. I have been a Private Chef in Houston full time since October 2014 and a Part-time private chef since 2011. My passion for food grows every day, and I express this through my dishes.

Chef Lionel Flores Jr.: About

My Food

Texas Hospitality inspires my cooking style. I keep everything as fresh as possible and try not to cover up the natural flavour of the main protein.  A lot of my recipes are Texan inspired with Italian and French accents and techniques. Since our dishes revolve around the fresh ingredients our ranchers, fihsermen, and farmers provide our menus change constantly.  We work one on one with you to create your perfect menu based on what we get fresh

Chef Lionel Flores Jr.: About

Hall of Fame

Some, but not all, notable athletes and celebrities that we have cooked for

Chef Lionel Flores Jr.: About
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